Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Skate Park In Malibu

Skate Park In Malibu

Please, take all of 30 seconds to sign this petition and leave a little not to help the youth get a great skatepark in Malibu. You dont have to be a Malibu citizen to sign it. Thank you!

As you may know, Malibu's youth is filled with skateboarders. There are 2 shops that carry skateboarding equipment, and 2 small skate parks. 1 small half pipe at Malibu High, and the Papa Jacks skate park in Cross Creek. Papa Jacks skate park is in danger due to development, and the youth of Malibu is demanding a replacement. However, we need your help. We want a new area to build a legitimate full blown cement skatepark that will cater to all levels of skateboarding, as well as other activities such as BMX and Rollerblading. The park will be built out of private funds from donations within the community and will not take away from any funding for any other local activities or projects.

Without this skatepark, it will send many kids to skate other areas in Malibu where it is illegal to skate, such as Banks, Schools, and businesses, further creating more strife and altercations between skateboarders and communities. Private property issues are only getting stricter.

By signing the petition below, I state that I am in support of building a new skatepark, keeping the local skateboarders off private property in Malibu, and away from unproductive extracurricular activities.

Please, with your time, we can get a park built soon, and continue to entertain the youth of Malibu in a positive way.


Don't let Malibu change so much where the kids can't even skate in this town.

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