Monday, August 31, 2009

Hide Out Event

Sicky Dicky wants to Welcome everyone back from summer and get ready for school.

The HideOut
112 W. Channel Road
Santa Monica, CA 90402

21 and over only Sorry
No Cover
Doors at 10pm

But here you go Drink Specials
1/2 price well drinks
1/2 price beers

they are giving out all kinds of free hats and shirts make sure to come get yours.
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Monday, August 24, 2009

3rd Annual Malibu Invitational

Contributing Friends

Nixon, Billabong, Spy Optics, Sector 9, Girl Skateboards, Famous Wax, Hurley, Anthony Bevialcqua, Danny Fuller, Bill Parr, and The Los Angeles Lakers

Top Qualifying Jr/Groms (17under)

Colton Sarlo, Sebastian Mendez, Theo Lewitt, Skylar Lawson, Thelen Worrell, Dane McCrystal, Shane Borland, Duke Van Patten, Jake Kelly, Frankie Harrer, Riley Garrison, Chadler Parr, Chance Lawson, Tyler Morris, Mickey Clarke, Lyon Herron, Biggie Murray, Jimbo Borland, Andrew Jacobsen, and Connor Lundy.

Confirmed “Pro” Surfers

Dane Reynolds, Jon Rose, Ricky Whitlock, Brendan Hearne, Dan Fowler, Ian Zambora, Kelly Zaun, Dane Zaun, Evan Mendelhson, Anthony Petruso, Killian Garland, Strider Wasilewski, Quinn McCrystal, Chris Darrah, Dillon Perillo, Pascal Stansfield, Michael Schwimer, Keoni Cuccia, , Louis Tesoro, Conrad Carr, Josh Curran, Kalani Robb, Pete Mussio, Reef McIntosh, Frank Tesoro, Noah Erickson, Yves Bright, Colin Giles, Justin Swartz, Sean Johnson, Ted Navarro, Jordan Tappis, Kyle Knox, Dave Hopkins, Danny Estes, Tuffer Marsolek, Love Hodell, Reed Farrer, Tom Landouchie, John Amezcua, Chad Wells, Donald Day, Pat Towersey, Blair Marlin, Julian Wilson, Dennis Rizzo, Matt Shadbolt, Keegan Gibbs, Chad Eastman, and Tim Curran.

Confirmed “Legends” Surfers

Allen Sarlo, Dale Rhodes, Lee Westfall, Dave White, Ricky Schaffer, Andy Lyon, Toby Lamm, Steve Dunn, Bill Parr, Steven Lippman, Danny Klein, Joey Jenkins, Jeff Higginbotham, Donnie Wilson, Mike Marcellino, Craig Kozlewski, Jay Riddle, Mark Richards, Mike Lamm, Scott Daly, Evan Caples, Ian Warner, Tom Daniels, Sebastian Franklin, Kirk Murray, David Carter, Glen Kennedy, Carlos Del Olmo, Tony Zapatta, Christian Anderson, Joe Everett, John Baker, Matt Rapf. Scott Anderson, John McClure, Mitch Taylor, Solo Scott, Bobby Keith, Tim Ryan, and Simon Snyder.

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Monday, August 17, 2009

A Tribute To Dusty Peak

The grief of today will pass, and it will be time to remember, to celebrate an amazing life, one lived all the way. Through our stories, we celebrate the life and legacy of Dusty Peak.

We want to hear from you. Tell us your stories, post your pictures, share the memories large and small!

Please visit the site and leave your thoughts
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Friday, August 14, 2009

Pepperdine Back to School Party

This year since the Malibu Inn is close the Party is at the Roxy in Hollywood. So you don't want to miss this one. If you have been to the last back to school parties you will know what I am talking about, Get Ready.

Tuesday August 25th 2009
Sicky Dicky welcomes Pepperdine Back to School!!!
Semester Kick-Off party at the Roxy with DJ Jacques and DJ .....
Doors at 10pm
$12 presale
$17 at the door
Ages 18+
Tickets Available by calling (310)276-2222 or online

Watch the Video from past events

Sicky Dicky Presents...Vol.1 from Sicky Dicky on Vimeo.

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Really Classy Girl

We have no idea who this girl is but last night Sicky Dicky had a party at the HideOut. This girl thought it would be a great idea to do the splits with no UNDERWEAR on in the middle of the dance floor. I guess this would have been funny once one twice, she did this like a thousand times. She really must have no idea what is on the floor. I would tell you more but you don't want to her it. Lets just saying she ended up helping clean up the trash on the floor.

Thanks Kim for the photos.
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