Friday, April 17, 2009

Malibu's Fenced Inn!!!!!!!!!!!!

For months now people have been asking us what happened to the Malibu Inn (aka the "Fenced Inn" for those of you that have driven past it since early January 2009). The Malibu Inn was Sicky's hometown experience for those of us that frequented the place, enjoyed getting Sicky, talking story, listening to local tunes, and having a good time. The SDP Tuesday Nights were filled with beautiful women, good DJs, stiff drinks and more. No one will forget the back to school nights we had at the inn in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
However, as we understand it, the place was being mismanaged for a while, didn't have sufficient funds, and was ran into the ground. We were all bummed to hear of the late Mitchell Stewart's (owner of the Malibu Inn during the SDP parties/concerts) death in 2008 and it was downhill for the venue from there. It started when the managers got the boot and ended with the place going virtually bankrupt in late 2008 and being placed on the auction block. The place was up for auction and purchased for about $5million. There was nothing we could do about it. The last show we had scheduled there on January 16th 2009 never even happened. And shit, our lights are still locked up in the place...
The bummer is we having been trying to contact the new owners and have been bared from doing any one-off parties. They want to rent the shit box out for $50,000, yes i said $50K per month on a 10 year lease. I think they are nuts but some rich dumb ass may one day re-open the place but we do not see that happening anytime soon.
I encourage you to write a little something on here about your best night at the Malibu Inn between Dec. 2005 and Jan. 2009.


  1. Great blog skylar your right this is fucking bullshit for sure. The old school Malibu in gone for sure.

    I would write a story about me at the inn but first there is to many and second I can't remember anything.

    Locals should pull together and make the city take it over and open it up ASAP

  2. i would be sketched on that...they may do the same thing they did with Malibu Lumber...