Monday, April 13, 2009


Come hop your candy cottontails over to The Sunset - (6800 Westward Beach Rd. Malibu, CA , 90265)

Whether you hump, hop, bounce, dance or drink the night away one thing is for sure this evening is going to be unFURgettable!!!

Scavenge and search for eggs that will be hidden all over the Sunset waiting for you to hunt & discover… Stuffed with prizes from Cash, Gift Cards to Free Drinks and much much munch MORE
Hunt and find our “Golden Egg” and you will receive the secret grand prize!!!

Don’t Miss the Sexxxiest Easter Bunny Costume Competition to ever bounce its way to Malibu taking place around midnight...

Remember to dress up in your Sexxxiest lil Easter Bunny Costume —
~Sexy Bunny's, Playboy Bunny’s, Easter Bunny, Spring Chickens & Eggs are all welcome & wanted…Any costumes you can think of Easter related are all invited & will be entered into costume competition…
Chances to win all kinds of great gifts & cash hidden at every corner or maybe even down a rabbit hole… Or go for the gold! The golden egg that is….

2 FOR 1 DRINKS @ 9:00-10:00 PM
$5 JETT Vodka, the world’s finest super premium from France that’s masterfully infused with caffeine, guarana and ginseng!

This seductive evening is guaranteed to be eye-opening, jaw-dropping, mouth-watering delicious! Come join us tomorrow and hump, hop, bounce, dance & drink the night away… You definitely don’t want to miss playing with these Bunnies! ;)

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