Monday, June 7, 2010

Not Guilty

As many of you know, John Hildebrand and Skylar Peak were charged with battery following an incident of assault on the beach in the summer of 2008. The case has been held up in court for nearly two years now. When the incident happened in June of 2008, John and Skylar had their faces blasted all over the world as the media painted a picture of angry surfers supporting Matthew McConaughey vs. some paparazzi photographers. It was not until August when Skylar and John were charged with charged with battery for the alleged incident. Funny how the group of resident beach goers including John and Skylar, politely asking that paparazzi's to leave on more than one occasion, have a knife pulled on them and what follows is a few edited videos posted all of the world showing John and Skylar "attacking" a paparazzi. None of the videos show the event in its entirety and some news coverage mixed footage from events of the 22nd and some footage from the following week when the same group of paparazzi got in a scuffle with a different group of beach goers. This is pure nonsense and the powers that be should be embarrassed to have prosecuted Skylar and John.
The videos did not show a knife being pulled on Hildebrand prior to the physical conflict, but it did show the baton used in the scuffle. It does not show the death threats made via vm and online, cars racing across PCH, or the blatant rudeness and disregard of the law by some of the most hated cameramen that plague the planet daily by harassing celebrities and individuals across the world.
This will all come out in court now....
While the story in the media is still far from the truth, John and Skylar would really like it if you can come to their trial and support them. The trial is set for March 24th at the Malibu Courthouse. More info on times will be posted when it comes available. Spread the word...

UPDATE 06.07.2010
We are picking the Jury today and tomorrow. Start court on 06.09.2010
Come out and support
Malibu Court House

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